MIKI is a crowd pleaser.  Its design is based on an exceptionally popular workstation aesthetic.  A welded support frame in the form of a looped leg gives the system an undeniably sleek and minimal profile.

MIKI is versatile, easy to assemble and reconfigure and is easily integrated with a wide range of modular cable management components.

To purchase MIKI, please contact our Sydney or Melbourne Showroom.

    • - Bench (linear)
      - Single and back to back
      - 90° and 120°
      - Freestanding executive furniture
    • Screens provide visual and audio privacy.  While they are generally located above the desktop, floor screens are also available.
      Screens are also available in the following finishes:
      - Laminate
      - Veneer
      - Perforated metal
      - Glazed finish
      - Acrylic
      - Tackable finish
      - Fabric-wrapped (pinnable)
    • - Wire management, including cables from walls, floors and ducted skirts are all effectively handled by the following components:
      - Single or two tier cable trays
      - Power, voice and data outlets (located above or below the worktop)
      - In-desk power boxes or above desk power rails
      - Vertical power management from the ceiling via power poles, power blades or umbilicals
    • MIKI can be adapted to individual requirements with a combination of document trays, function walls, shelves, monitor arms, CPU cradles and castors.
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