Some tasks are best performed whilst seated.  Others require standing room.  ACTIF offers an elegant 2-in-1 solution for both scenarios.  

Hand-crank or electrically driven height adjustable models are available.  ACTIF frames without the standard base can also be integrated with alternative workstation systems or customised joinery.  The frame structures are modular, which allows the manufacture of workstations of variable widths, lengths and sizes to be modified on site. 

[Range of adjustment is either 580-1230mm or 630-1280mm]

To purchase ACTIF, please contact our Sydney or Melbourne Showroom.

    • - Bench (linear)
      - Single and back to back
      - 90° and 120°
      - Freestanding executive furniture
    • Screens provide visual and audio privacy.  Screens are either clamped to the static frames or available as freestanding components within alternative systems.
      Screens are also available in the following finishes:
      - Laminate
      - Veneer
      - Perforated metal
      - Glazed finish
      - Acrylic
      - Tackable finish
      - Fabric-wrapped (pinnable)
    • Wire management, including cables from walls, floors and ducted skirts are all effectively handled by the following components:
      - Single or two tier cable trays
      - Power, voice and data outlets (located above or below the worktop)
      - In-desk power boxes or above desk power rails
      - Vertical power management from the ceiling via power poles, power blades or umbilicals
    • ACTIF can be adapted to individual requirements with a combination of document trays, function walls, shelves, monitor arms, CPU cradles and castors.
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