Inspired by a much-loved and dependable Bull Terrier, PIKE is built around a sturdy and stocky “back leg” and a structural beam element that combines Herculean strength with the functionality of height adjustable leg supports. 

All of PIKE’s system elements have been intelligently designed for multiple uses. Common posts and fixings are used to integrate shelves, storage, screens white boards and monitor arms, effectively resulting in a clutter-free work surface and an effortlessly light and open footprint.

To purchase PIKE, please contact our Sydney or Melbourne Showroom.

    • • Bench (linear)
      - Single and back to back
      - 90° and 120°
      - Freestanding executive furniture
    • Screens provide visual and audio privacy.  
      A combination of our customisable ‘Blinker’ screens, slide-on dividers or a number of other screen options are available to create private and individualised workspaces.
    • Cable management is easily accessed via a generously sized hinged cable hatch, designed to cater for all power and voice/data requirements.  As an option, all the outlets may also be positioned above the desk via an above desk power rail.
      Vertical power management from the ceiling is resolved via integrated power poles, power blades or umbilicals to suit individual floor plans.
    • PIKE can be adapted to individual requirements with a combination of document trays, function walls, shelves, monitor arms, CPU cradles and castors.