CAN.GO is an entirely new concept in mobile storage. Designed by Martin Ballendat, CAN.GO is a cross-over between traditional drawers and shoulder bags. CAN.GO's modular system means that it can be used with any desk system, satisfying storage needs both at the office and on the go.

Equipped with rails at its top and bottom so that several units can be connected together, CAN.GO's interior is accessible through a rolling shutter. A flexible belt is tightly housed in a groove along the sides, and is easily loosened to serve as a shoulder strap. CAN.GO provides portable storage space for laptops, tablets, mobile phones, stationary and documents, among many other things. 

Using a special docking system, CAN.GO can be fixed to any desk or table system including RJ’s popular ACTIF height-adjustable workstations. The CAN.GO Cart (pictured) matches the drawer box perfectly and enables several boxes to be fixed under the cart´s upper shelf, effectively forming a rolling drawer unit for office use.

While carried on the shoulder, CAN.GO can be easily opened to access its contents. CAN.GO’s body is matte white or charcoal grey with the shutter available in blue, white, or grey. The surface of the CAN.GO Cart is available as either white to match the box’s colour or black, while its frame is offered in both chrome and white.

To purchase CAN.GO, please contact our Sydney or Melbourne Showroom.

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