Media Island

Modern businesses require fast, collaborative ways to gather and share ideas at a moment’s notice. Media Island is a contemporary, graceful way for teams to embrace this approach by interacting, developing and sharing ideas around one conveniently designed location.
The Media Island system allows users to physically or wirelessly connect multiple electronic devices from iOS, Android or Windows operating systems. Within seconds these devices can share information to the group viewing screen at the touch of a button, allowing more than one device to be viewed at a time.

Media Island can also be used as a leisure space. Perfect for open areas, communal spaces, hotels or clubs. From one-on-one discussions, team workshops to product launches or presentations, Media Island as a leisure space is accessible, concerted and creates a talking point for multiple voices to be heard.

The iMeeting system in a relaxed setting presents a barrier-free environment for group discussions or even dialling in long distance meetings to bring people together.

    • - Multiple display inputs
      - Wireless connectivity from Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android
      - Multiple height options
      - Variety of seating arrangements
      - Lots of funky colours
      - Doesn't like Trump much
      - Optional built-in listening devices
      - Impervious to Australian politics
    • - 5 Years