Quickstand Under Desk

Quickstand Under Desk


QuickStand® Under Desk allows users to seamlessly alternate between sitting and standing postures without interrupting workflow. The continuous force mechanism is enclosed within a central column beneath the desk surface, so views are unobstructed in the sit position. Offering effortless functionality and a sleek, modern design, QuickStand Under Desk is an understated workspace wellness solution that blends into any environment.


    • - Main assembly holds single and dual monitors up to max total weight of 35 lbs.
      - Designed to accommodate users of varying heightswith 18” of work surface adjustment
      - Effortless functionality encourages more movementand allows user to move from sitting to standing instantly
      - Minimal footprint allows for more use of the desktop area
      - Provides built-in cable management
      - Compatible with OfficeIQ — Humanscale’s innovative sit/stand alert software
      - Compatible with Humanscale’s best-selling line of M2, M8 and M/Flex monitor arms (* Monitor arms are not included and may be ordered separately.).


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