LogicLink is a state of the art electronic desk controller and sensor. With NFC, proximity sensors, Bluetooth and WIFI* the device can adjust sit-stand desk height, and be programmed to automatically open lockers and control lighting. Using LogicLink Corporate, the Facilites manager and IT department can have access to all controllers and cumulate users’ data for analysis. Via a convenient smartphone app (iOS and Android compatible), the end user is able to control desk height with a smartphone, set reminders for a change of position and also monitor sit/stand cycles, the amount of time spent sitting/standing, and the total amount of time spent at the desk. LogicLink brings next level control to the modern ergonomic work environment.

*LogicLink Pro and Corporate only


    • - Communication hub with interfaces such as Bluetooth, active NFC and WiFi
      - Capability to connect to entire work environment
      - Eliminates the need for additional hand controls
      - API’s for different applications
      - Control and monitor with Motion@Work app for iOS and Android

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