Digitally Printed Surfaces

Digitally Printed Surfaces


Digital printing has the potential to significantly impact both company production lines, and the way we design offices. This innovative process has the capacity to enhance our visual environment by transferring images directly onto workstation screens, storage lockers, tables and other office fixtures.

RJ Office offers designers a blank canvas in which to execute customised solutions tailored to an individual client's needs. Examples of this usage on RJ products include workstation dividers, tables and storage lockers of which a number of examples can be seen in RJ's showroom. The composition of the visuals are developed by the interior design team, then executed by RJ onto any vertical or horizontal surface of the chosen product.

Visual executions can range from the sophisticated to outrageous, depending upon the workplace. This could  include everything from a journey along the graffitied back streets of Melbourne to the wilderness of the Amazon; it is also a great way to incorporate branding messages into the office environment.

Digital printing offers designers the opportunity to go wild and experiment with colour and form. Contact the RJ team on 02 9299 9090 (Sydney head office), 03 9417 6988 (Melbourne showroom) or via email to discuss the creation of a solution for your next project.

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